To find out if you are covered under the health & dental plan, come to the DSU Front Desk in New West or the DSU kiosk in Coquitlam.


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Location DSU Front Desk at New West or DSU Kiosk at Coquitlam


The Douglas Students’ Union administers a health and dental plan to make health coverage more accessible and affordable for students. The extended health and dental gives you coverage and supports you to maintain high quality of health and ensures that you are covered when medical emergencies come up.

How Do I Opt In for the Winter Semester?

New Students enrolled in courses in the Winter semester, have the option to opt in.

Any new student in Winter regardless of the number of credits, can opt in online during the last two weeks of January.

Visit this website to opt in:

Note: Students enrolled in Fall semester are not eligible.

Who is Covered?
  • You are automatically enrolled in the plan if you are a student registered in 9 or more credits in the Fall Semester
  • You pay Douglas Students’ Union Fees
  • You reside in Canada
  • You are under the age of 70*
How to Confirm if You are Covered:
  1. Log in to your Douglas College myAccount
  2. Select “Student Records”
  3.  Select “Account Summary by Term”
  4. Look for the health & dental plan charge of $250 under the Fall Semester Tuition
What is Covered?

Your benefits at a Glance:

  • Prescription Drugs – 80% to a maximum of $2000 per year
  • Dental – 80% one per benefit per year to a maximum of $600 per year
  • Vision – 100% to a maximum of $100 for eye exam, and $125 for eye glasses or contact lenses every 24 months
  • Emergency Travel Insurance - $5 million of coverage for emergencies and illnesses while travelling
  • Paramedical Practitioners with a physicians referral - $80 to a maximum of $300 per person, per type of practitioner
  • Psychologist, social worker, registered clinical counsellor – 80% to a combined maximum of $450 per person per year.
  • Legal Assistance Plan - unlimited free legal advice & referrals via phone 1-877-333-3884. Call with your student ID number. Available 24/7.

For more details on your coverage, visit

Legal Assistance Plan - What is this?

The Legal Assistance Plan is an unlimited free legal advice & referrals via phone for students on the Health & Dental Plan (unlimited 30 minute calls). To access this part of the plan, call 1-877-333-3884 with your student ID.

Your Students' Union Health & Dental Plan now offers timely, cost-effective access to experienced lawyers to guide you through most major types of law, including:

  • Family, Criminal
  • Civil Litigation
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Wills and Estates
  • Tax
  • Employment
  • Condo/Strata
  • Immigration
  • Identity Theft Support
  • When is the Coverage Period?

    The Douglas Students’ Union Health and Dental plan covers from September 1 to August 31 each year for Fall semester students and January 1 to August 31 for new Winter semester students.

    *New eligible students will be added to the health and dental plan approximately 45 days from the start date of your program.

    How Do I Get My Benefits Card?

    You can register for your Benefits Card Here

    PLEASE NOTE for new students on the plan – please check with the DSU office when your benefits card will be available.

    How Do I Opt In for the Fall Semester?

    Students enrolled in 9 or more than credits, the fee is automatically added to your tuition fees.

    Students enrolled in less than 9 credits, can opt in online during the last two weeks of September.

    Click Here to opt in

    Family Add On

    Students on the health and dental plan can opt in their family members that meet the follow eligibility:

    • Spouse – resident of Canada and is married to student
    • Common Law Partner – lives with student for at least 1 year and publicly represented as the student’s spouse
    • Dependent – unmarried child, resident of Canada and entirely dependent on student for maintenance and support
    • A child 21 or over must either be:
      • A full time student under age 25; or
      • Incapacitated for a continuous period beginning:
        • Before age 21; or
        • While a full time student and before age 25

    For more information about family add on eligibility, please click here:


    Fall Semester – 1 Year Coverage September 1 – August 31 - $250

    *Automatic Opt In (Students taking 9 or more credits – included in tuition fees)

    Individual Opt In (Students taking less than 9 credits) - $425

    Family Opt In – 1 Dependent - $425

    Family Opt In – 2 or more Dependents - $675

    Winter Semester – 8 month Coverage January 1 – August 31

    Individual Opt In - $375

    Family Opt in – 1 Dependent - $375

    Family Opt in – 2 or more Dependents - $595

    Opt In Dates

    Fall Semester – Last two weeks of September

    Winter Semester – Last two weeks of January

    PLEASE NOTE: that students can only opt in during these time periods

    How Do I Opt Out?

    The Opt Out Deadline is the last business day of September.

    Only students with existing, equivalent extended health and dental plans are eligible to opt out of the Douglas Students’ Union Health and Dental Plan. You must have proof of alternate coverage.

    PLEASE NOTE: the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) is not an extended health and dental plan and therefore does not qualify as equivalent coverage.

    1. Log in to your Douglas College myAccount
    2. Select “Registration”
    3. Select “Medical/Dental Opt Out”
    4. Click “Continue”
    5. Select your benefits carrier and enter your plan number

    This will trigger a credit to your account once your benefits carries has been verified.

    For terms and conditions please see

    How Do I Make a Claim?

    You can make an online claim here

    Plan Information

    Insurance Company: Green Shield Canada (GSC)

    GSC Identifciation: DSU Your Douglas Student ID # -00

    (Example: DSU123456789-00)

    Company Name: Douglas Students’ Union

    For more information about your plan visit

    What is BC Fair Pharmacare?

    Get details on BC Fair Pharmacare online here

    To receive a benefits card, register for BC Fair Pharmacare online at

    Follow the steps online and have the following information ready:

    • BC Care Card Number
    • Net Income from 2 years ago
    • Social Insurance Number
    • Birth Date

    You will receive a registration number immediately online. If you do not, you will need to call for assistance to receive your number.

    For assistance by phone or to register please call 604-683-7151 or 1-800-663-7100

    It is essential that all students who are permanent residents of British Columbia provide their Fair Pharmacare Registration number when completing the Benefits card Registration Form.

    Does the DSU Health & Dental Plan include MSP?

    Medical Services Plan (MSP) Premium is not included in the extended health and dental plan.