The Douglas Students' Union is run for students by students, and holds elections for students to be on the Board of Directors each Winter semester. Terms for elected members of the Board of Directors run from May 1 - April 30 (of the following year). For more information about student elections, please email

Every winter semester, the DSU holds elections for students to run to be a student representative on the DSU Board of Directors. If you’re interested in learning more please email and check out our videos here for some info and details about being a student representative, from some former board members.

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Here are the official election results:

Accessibility Representative: Emery Lakowski

Campus Representative – Coquitlam: Mira Genio

Campus Representative – New West (4 positions): Mohit Nayyar, Sophie Offei, Sky Pourmohseni & Amarpreet Singh

Director of Campus Life: Harvey Polino

Director of College Relations: Nithin Rajendran

DIrector of External Relations: Debi Herrera Lira

Director of Finance: Kyrstyn Llagas

Director of Membership Development: Douglas Treloar

Indigenous Students’ Representative: Chloe Archuleta

Pride Representative: Margaret Waldron

Womens’ Representative: Kristina Bonface

Thank you to everyone who participated, voted, and made their voices heard. Congratulations to the winners!

The upcoming Board of Directors will begin their terms May 1, 2024 and the referendum will come into place September 2024.

Accessibility Representative (1 position available)

Emery Lakowski

Hello, I’m Emery Lakowski and I’m running for the Accessibility Representative for the 2024 DSU elections with the Game Changers slate. I’m in my second year of an associate of arts diploma with a focus on gender, sexuality and women’s studies. I personally use mobility aids, have a learning disability and deal with mental health issues so I feel I will have a well-rounded perspective on accessibility needs.

As an accessibility representative I would like to focus on making physical accessibility a priority for new buildings as well as making changes to our current campuses for those with mobility aids, increase awareness of the ways accessibility services can help people without formal diagnosis or in the middle of obtaining one and increasing mental health supports at both campuses. I believe a decolonial and platforming of diverse voices in my approach is necessary to create a truly inclusive campus for all with accessibility needs.

No Video Forum was submitted.

Anne Trebunski

Hey everyone, I’m Anne Trebunski and I am running to be your Accessibility Representative at theDSU. It’s no secret that barriers often exist for many people and places that are meant to be for everyone are not always accessible. Stated acceptance of those with accessibility needs has not stopped the pushing aside of those who are not “photogenic” in their needs. I will continue the fight against injustice and a lack of access. My goals are to create a strong community that actively listens to those with many different accessibility needs, promote the voices of those previously marginalized and silenced, and to continue the long work to become a truly just, equitable, and transformative organization. Events that take active measures to consider the needs of all attendees will be expanded, not just in New Westminster but at the Coquitlam Campus and Online as well. I wish to advocate alongside students to achieve real change; a more accessible world where we are all able to get what we need. An injury to one is an injury to all. Accessibility must be for everyone and that is the vision I am fighting for.

Click here to watch Anne’s Video Forum.

Campus Representative – Coquitlam Campus (2 positions available)

Mira Genio – 

No platform or photo was submitted.

Click here to watch Mira’s Video Forum.

Vacant – 

Campus Representative – New Westminster Campus (4 positions available)

Mohit Nayyar

Greetings, everyone. I’m Mohit Nayyar, a candidate for the Campus Representative position at New West campus. Currently pursuing my second Post Degree Diploma in Global Banking and Economics, I serve as the Student Assistant for Accessibility Services and hold a role as one of the Student Ambassadors at Douglas College. I have been an active volunteer for DCI International, Career Centre, Global Engagement and Student Life.

With a proactive approach, I’m committed to effectively represent students by actively engaging with them to understand their concerns, needs, and ideas. My utmost priorities include advocating for student rights, enhancing student facilities, and elevating their academic experience.

In my role of representing students and as a member of the Board of Directors, I envision impactful initiatives. Firstly, like Co-op, a paid Business Internship model for all Post Degree Diploma and other degree students. This would encourage more participation. Secondly, I propose an increased allocation of funds for Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries. This encompasses both Domestic and International Students, fostering motivation for outstanding academic performance. Collectively, I think these initiatives aim to enrich the student experience and encourage excellence.

Click here to watch Mohit’s Video Forum.

Sophie Offei

My name is Sophie Offei, and my goals are simple. I want to bridge the gap between the services the DSU provides, and the students that not only want those services, but need them too. I want people to be in touch with what is happening at Douglas College, in order to make the best out of their time here.

I spent two years in the Theatre Diploma program during the peak of the covid years, I was with amazing classmates and teachers who went above and beyond in making sure we had access to what the school was offering and that really made my time worthwhile at Douglas, which was a big part of why I came back for a guided studies third year.

I hope to bring the knowledge I’ve learned from my three years at Douglas to the DSU. I want people to be excited about the events going on at Douglas College, to be connected, to learn community building skills and to truly understand what it is that their school is offering. Sometimes trying is the first step in DOing. I hope to try my hand at bringing services and people closer together.

Click here to watch Sophie’s Video Forum.

Sky Pourmohseni

I’ve had the privilege of being a Student Wellness Awareness Network (S.W.A.N) volunteer and a Student Assistant with Student Life. My experience has proven invaluable in understanding how to be of service and better support students at Douglas College.

Every student deserves to be a part of this community and have services that ensure their wellbeing. This is what I believe in and will continue to fight for.

I will work towards representing students by actively listening to and addressing their needs on how the college can be more accessible, safe, and welcoming to all students.

I will be actively involved in events and clubs to show students that they have a voice that can spark change in their community.

One new initiative I will bring are surveys where students can voice their concerns, what existing services can be improved upon, and what new services they would like to see.

Every Douglas College student deserves to hear their concerns addressed, and changes to be implemented.

As part of the Board of Directors, I will advocate and stand for students for a more welcoming and accessible community.

Click here to watch Sky’s Video Forum

Gabriel Sarnoh

I want to be the New Westminster Campus Representative because I have always loved to volunteer in the community, and I see this as an opportunity to build relationships with students and advocate for them. I started off as the woman’s representative and the director of college affairs at SUVCC. In those positions, I have learned to advocate for woman’s rights, build relations with different people to accomplish the goals that we have as students, and how to organize events that cater to the needs of students. As a woman of color who has lived through poverty, I understood the struggles and challenges a lot of the student population deal with. For this reason, I want to help other students reach their academic goals by advocating for their needs and creating safe spaces for them on campus. I think it is important to share our stories with one another and work together to find success as we continue our academic journey. I want to help the DSU continue accomplishing amazing things for students. If elected, I look forward to working with everyone on making the New Westminster Campus a great place, where students feel like they are being represented.

No Video Forum was submitted. 

Amarpreet Singh

As an aspiring advocate for our diverse student body, I, Amarpreet Singh, am committed to ensuring that every voice, especially those of international students, is heard and represented in our college union.

As a second-year student in the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration  , I understand the challenges faced by international students, and I pledge to be their steadfast advocate. With my outspoken nature and attentive listening skills, I will strive to find common ground and ensure that all students’ needs are addressed.

My vision is to enhance the college experience for everyone by fostering a stronger sense of community and engagement on campus. By increasing student involvement, we can create a more vibrant and inclusive environment at Douglas College.

If elected, I will work tirelessly to strengthen the bond between students and the college, ensuring that your concerns are not only heard but also acted upon. I will advocate for more affordable education and seek to increase student grant funds, making higher education accessible to all.

Together, let’s build a brighter future for Douglas College.

Click here to watch Amarpreet’s Video Forum.

Manav Suri

My name is Manav Suri, and I am thrilled to be running for the position of New Westminster Campus Representative. I am currently the Vice president of Indian Cultural Association – a club within DSU and Student Assistant with the Student Life department – working to bring New Student Orientations to life. As a representative, I will advocate for students on issues like tuition increase, more funding and improved administration surrounding DSU Clubs leading to flexibility to hold events – a problem that has not been touched base upon by past and present candidates. I’m committed to a sustainable and digital campaign from the start, and I’ve decided not to print any posters or handouts. Mental Health is important, and I would work to reduce the wait times to contact counsellors.

TL;DR: You deserve affordable education and Clubs deserve recognition. Imagine a Pub Night in collaboration with clubs where we have stand-up comedy and groove to local beats!

To all 12,000 DSU Members, it is time that your voice is heard, and initiatives are made to elevate your experience.

Thank you for reading my platform. If the issues raised by me resonate with you, please cast your vote next week!

Instagram: @manavsuriii

Click here to watch Manav’s Video Platform.

Director of Campus Life

Harvey Polino

My name is Harvey Polino I am here to change the game with game changers to be your Director of Campus Life.

I’ve spent a lot of time at Douglas College whether it has been through participating or volunteering for different events. Being the current Campus Life Director I planned events like Pub nights, Carnivals, movies with popcorn and collaborated with other departments to create events like Halloween karaoke. Through this, I was to be able to give back to the students with what I gained through my years in college. Having gone through those experiences and growth has led me to run for the Director of Campus Life position.

My goal as a Director of Campus life is to give back to everyone in Douglas College what I have gained. This means planning events where everyone gets the opportunity to attend and grow as an individual. Creating a community to get students more involved. Allow students to gain positive memories of their time at Douglas College through friends and experiences. And finally, create a space where everyone feels safe and can have fun. If elected, I hope to achieve these goals to give you an amazing campus life!

Click here to watch Harvey’s Video Forum.

Director of College Relations (1 position available)

Nithin Rajendran

Hello, I’m Nithin Rajendran, a second-year student enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program, and I am running to be your next Director of College Relations with Team Game Changers.

Being deeply involved in numerous school activities, I’ve truly connected with the experiences and challenges my peers go through. I hold a firm belief that a strong student union plays a crucial role in shaping a positive and supportive environment that benefits each and every student.

I’m all about creating a college environment where every one of us feels like we belong. I pledge to create a campus experience that’s not just about acing exams but also about real growth, unwavering support, and forging connections that actually matter.

Your vote is a commitment to shaping a game-changing college experience.

Click here to watch Nithin’s Video Forum.

Director of External Relations (1 position available)

Debi Herrera Lira

Hello everyone! My name is Debi, and I am a second-year associate of arts student specializing in sociology. I am running on Team Game Changers, and I want to be your next Director of External Relations.

As one of your current Coquitlam Campus Representatives, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you with passion, eagerness for advocacy, and pride in being a Douglas student. I will continue to encourage and motivate your visions by uplifting your voices in the local and provincial government, fighting for your rights. I want to listen to your struggles and organize campaigns to better support your education. You deserve to be heard; this is your college, your union, and your experience.

My goal as Director of External Relations is to accurately represent each and every one of you, whether you are a domestic or international student. I want to build relationships with local organizations and nonprofits to help further support the community. If elected, I will listen to your needs and help enrich your education.

Thank you for your consideration.

Click here to watch Debi’s Video Forum.

Aafrin Memon

Hello, I’m Aafrin Zahid Memon and with your support I could be the next Director of External Relations. I am one of you since I am a student myself so help me tackle our issues together such as housing and in a broad aspect financial help.

Starting with housing, to find reliable and affordable housing, I can bring more visibility and easier access to find reliable and close to affordable housing along with its expenditures by online communities like and StudentAidBC; by shedding light on in DSU app’s channels like Housing, Ride Share Channel, making them more active. Moving on to financial struggles; students can be enlightened of the several aids such as emergency funds, bursaries, scholarships and grants and workshops on tax returns.

Douglas students can access student services through a variety of channels, including career pages, Blackboard, college and DSU websites, and a number of applications that can be difficult for some to use. With my experience in technology and my degree in information technology, I would aggressively try to help other members become accustomed to locating and using all of the member-only websites and applications. Using step-by-step seminars and picture-rich brochures, this can be accomplished.

Click here to watch Aafrin’s Video Forum.

Manraj Sahi

Hello everyone, My Name is Manraj Sahi and I am running for the Director of External Relations role, because it is one of the most important roles within the students union. I want to get to work right away and immediately work with other colleges and organizations to put pressure on the BC government. My main agenda is to focus on the cost of textbooks and working toward open-access online textbooks for free and at least, a lower cost than it is now. There must be more communication between the Director of External Relations and the Douglas College students on what issues they care about and what their expectations are, and I plan to make sure when I get the role, that will happen, by weekly events, surveys, etc. If you are here by the end of this, check out my Instagram @manrajsahidsuelections, where you can find more information about me and what I plan to do. Thank you if you are still here.

Click here to watch Manraj’s Video Forum.

Director of Finance (1 position available)

Kyrstyn Llagas

Hi everyone! My name is Kyrstyn Llagas, and I’m running for the Director of Finance Position at the Douglas Students Union with my team, the Game Changers. I am committed to fostering transparency and accountability in managing DSU finances, prioritizing financial literacy education for students, and actively supporting DSU clubs through attending and helping coordinate events.

As a student who has worked countless amounts of jobs while attending school, I know how much finances mean to me. Every dollar paid towards tuition was a dollar away from my needs and wants, and I know many students understand the dread of paying fees every semester. My aim is to ensure that the money that you pay for at the Douglas Students Union, is responsibly handled for you and maximized through improved services, increased opportunities, and sufficient support.

Through financial literacy workshops, I hope to help the students of Douglas College build a platform for their saving, investing, and credit building goals to stand on top of. Through supporting clubs, I hope they are able to focus on creating a diverse, and fruitful college community through events, and workshops of their own.

I would be honoured to have your support.

Click here to watch Kyrstyn’s Video Forum.

Director of Membership Development (1 position available)

Nikhil Gupta

I am a dedicated and results-driven individual with a passion for fostering growth and cultivating meaningful relationships. My extensive experience in membership development, coupled with strategic planning and innovative solutions, positions me as an ideal candidate for the role of Membership Development Director. I am committed to driving engagement, retention, and overall success within the organization.

Click here to watch Nikhil’s Video Forum.


Douglas Treloar

My name is Douglas Treloar I’m currently looking to be reelected as the Director of Membership Development.

I am a 4th year student at Douglas College in the Child and Youth Care program. So far, I have served two years on the board of the Douglas Students’ Union in various roles. I got involved in my Union because of the advocacy possibilities and to better get involved in campus life.

My experience through the Indigenous Representative role and the Director of Membership Development at the Douglas Student Union has been overwhelmingly positive and I loved getting involved with the community on both campuses. I’ve done a lot of work organizing and highlighting community work on various campaigns and awareness events, as well as working with the volunteer training program to ensure that students are knowledgeable about the DSU and can get involved and hopefully be the next representatives of the students here at. Advocating for all students, and our rights is something I have always been passionate about.

I am thankful for that opportunity to represent such an important role of the student body.

Click here to watch Douglas’ Video Forum.

Indigenous Students’ Representative (1 position available)

Chloe Archuleta

Chloe Archuleta Ndizhinikaaz

Translated from my Indigenous language; Hello and greetings! My name is Chloe Archuleta in Anishinaabemowin. I’m currently in my second year of the Sports Science program at Douglas College and am a member of the Team Game Changers.

As I embark on my second year running for the Indigenous Student Representative, I am fueled by a passion to elevate our community to new heights. My commitment is unwavering, and I am dedicated to orchestrating a series of impactful events that celebrate our rich culture, foster unity, and create lasting memories. Advocating for additional resources is at the forefront of my agenda, aiming to ensure that Indigenous students have the support and tools necessary for academic success and personal growth. I am steadfast in my mission to address the unique challenges faced by Indigenous students, striving to create a campus environment that is inclusive, empowering, and responsive to our needs. Together, let us build a legacy of positive change and create a brighter future for all Indigenous students on campus.

Click here to watch Chloe’s Video Forum.

Pride Representative (1 position available)

Margaret Waldron

My name is Margaret Waldron, I’m a 3rd year creative writing student, and I am running to be your DSU pride representative. More than anything, I am a big mouthed yapper, and I wanna be yapping to make sure queer students at Douglas receive fair and equitable treatment.

If elected I will be the first ever openly transgender person to serve as the DSU Pride Collective, As a trans woman growing up in a rural community, I know first-hand how important it is for people in the 2SLGBTQ+ community to have community. Going to Pride Collective events at Douglas College was the first taste I had ever gotten of queer community. The Pride Collective built my confidence and allowed me to meet other trans people, it is how I met one of my best friends and it is what first got me involved in the DSU.

I have previously worked at the DSU as a Coquitlam Campus Representative. This job has given me a lot of experience planning events, and advocating for students, and I intend to use that experience to make more events at both campuses that are more accessible to all students.

Click here to watch Margaret’s Video Forum.

Women Students’ Representative (1 position available)

Kristina Bonface

I am running to be the Douglas Student Unions Womens Representative as part of the team Game Changers. I have been fortunate to have been a part of the women’s collective at Douglas College as a member of the community and would love the opportunity to continue to provide safe spaces where self-identifying women are able to be supported, respected, and a part of a loving community that enriches their experience at Douglas College.

I would like to work together with the Douglas Student Union to provide workshops that can help self-identifying women develop effective communication skills, feel empowered in their self-worth and to help create environments where personal growth is encouraged and celebrated. I want to provide spaces where women can feel comfortable, have fun as well as engage in deep meaningful conversations that can allow for connections to form, and long-lasting memories to be made.

I will ensure that the women at Douglas understand the importance of their voice, that their opinions and ideas matter, and that they can rely on someone that is able to advocate for their needs, while also providing information about resources they can use.

Click here to watch Kristina’s Video Forum.

Krystal Conway

Hello everyone! I am Krystal Conway, and I am running to be your Womens Representatives at the DSU.

With the strength of our identity, we can utilize tools to ensure our safety and hold compassion for the experiences we’ve had and the things we are still working towards changing. The DSU Womans Collective has a strong history of providing valuable change through the events and movements they have supported. I believe I can help add to this and continue this amazing work.

As the Women’s Representative, I plan to hold an array of events from fun Disco Bingo nights, self-defense classes, public speaking workshops, open mic nights & dance classes. By holding space for those who identify as women, we create a safe, compassionate space for our voices to be heard and gain new connections. We are all battling unknown biases within our community and by lifting each other up, we can gain the confidence to embrace our faults and let our strength shine.

Click here to watch Krystal’s Video Forum.

Game Changers

Embracing the essence of unity and support, The Game Changers is committed to cultivating an inclusive community by focusing on three fundamental pillars: Affordability, Connection, and Advocacy, tailored to meet the needs of both domestic and international students.

In our pursuit of Affordability, our goal is to establish an educational environment where accessibility is a right for everyone, ensuring that financial constraints never hinder the pursuit of knowledge. At the heart of our mission lies a dedication to Advocacy, where we champion the voices of each student. We extend this commitment by advocating for affordable housing, accessible textbooks, and an educational landscape that caters to the diverse backgrounds within our community.

Connection stands as a cornerstone for a thriving campus, and The Game Changers vow to bridge gaps, fostering a sense of belonging. With a team composed of students from diverse backgrounds, we pledge to organize events that celebrate the richness of various cultures.

In championing Affordability, Connection, and Advocacy, The Game Changers endeavors to craft an environment that not only acknowledges but celebrates diversity, empowering each student to thrive. Join us in building a community that values and uplifts every member – because together, we are stronger.

  • Referendum Question
  • Referendum Results
  • "Vote Yes" Campaign Platform

Whereas the DSU Health and Dental plan is currently provided to students automatically
enrolled in the plan for the fall semester with a minimum of 6 registered credits at an annual
cost of $250;
Whereas the DSU Health and Dental plan provides affordable access for students to health
and dental care;
Whereas the DSU Health and Dental plan has not increased in cost since its introduction in
2003 and was decreased by $10 in 2018;
Whereas inflationary and usage increases over the past 4 years have resulted in costs to the
plan increasing by 20%;
Whereas increasing the fee by $1.25 per month for a total annual fee of $265 with allowable
future CPI increases would maintain coverage levels and provide long term stability to the
Health and Dental plan; therefore,

Are you in favour of increasing the annual fee of the DSU Health and Dental plan by $1.25 per
month starting September 2024 with allowances for annual CPI increases starting September
2025 to maintain current coverage to services?
Are you in favour of maintaining the current annual fee of $250 for the DSU Health and Dental
plan with decreased coverage to services

Here are the official referendum results:

67.6% of students voted in favour of increasing the annual fee of the DSU Health and Dental plan by $1.25 per month starting September 2024 with allowances for annual CPI increases starting September 2025 to maintain current coverage to services!

With all the changes everyone has experienced over the past few years, the Douglas Students’ Union has tried to keep up with these changes to better support students and to keep services as accessible and affordable as we can by not increasing fees, but unfortunately, we’re at a time where the health and dental plan is no longer sustainable at the current rate.

The DSU health and dental plan started in 2003, and over the years new service levels and benefits have been added but the fee hasn’t increased. In fact, in 2017, the students’ union held a referendum to decrease the health and dental plan fee from $260 to $250. Costs and usage of the plan were low, and we saw a chance to decrease the fee and acted to better support our members.

However, over the past 4 years, we’ve seen a 20% increase in plan usage, which has made the plan no longer sustainable or affordable to maintain. In order to afford the plan this next year and in future years, we need to either increase the cost of the plan, or decrease the services provided on the plan.

If you vote to increase the plan, the overall impact to you would be an increase of $1.25/month for the health and dental plan fee effective for Fall 2024, and it would allow the services on the plan to remain what they currently are.

We are excited to continue to offer these services to you, and we hope you vote yes to increase the health and dental plan fee!