Budgets can get tight, student loans run out and unexpected expenses come up – this may leave you with very little for groceries so the Douglas Students’ Union has an Emergency Food Bank to back you up.


The DSU Emergency Food Bank is currently operating online. Please read and fill out the form below for details.

Location DSU Front Desk at New West
DSU Kiosk at Coquitlam

Contact foodbank@thedsu.ca

The Douglas Students’ Union operates an Emergency Food bank to help you get through to the next pay cheque or loan disbursement.

To access the DSU Emergency Food Bank, please fill out the google form here. To be eligible for this service, you must be enrolled in classes and can request access once a month for the summer semester (May – August). You will be emailed a $30.00 e-gift card to an approved grocery store. You will receive a response within 2 business days. Please email foodbank@thedsu.ca, if you require further support or have any questions.

Students are required to show valid Douglas College proof of enrolment and be a current DSU member.