The goals of the DSU Pride Collective are:

To provide a safe and inclusive space for members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. To hold fun, safe and inclusive events for members. To provide information and materials regardingLGBTQ2S+ students on campus to make friends, utilize services specific to their needs. To advocate for LGBTQ2S+ students at Douglas College and the greater community.

These are the Guidelines by which we operate:

  1.  Inclusiveness: This is a shared space, please remember to be inclusive towards everyone.
  2. Behavior: Be respectful. No bullying or cyber-bullying will be tolerated.
  3. Confidentiality: Don’t “share” the experiences, concerns, or questions that members of the Pride Collective share within this space without the informed consent of the speaker.
  4. Attendance: Please RSVP to posts regarding meetings or events.


Andi Schartner


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