DSU Accessibility Collective

The DSU Accessibility Collective is a student-led group that advocates with students who identify as having an accessibility need. The aim of this Collective is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment, and to advocate for the equitable treatment of students with accessibility needs on campus and in the community.

We work together to create campus change, support students, and promote disability justice. Collective members are invited to participate in social and recreational activities and events, as well as social justice programming.

The priority of the DSU Accessibility Collective is to support and be a space for students with accessibility needs, but all students are welcome to join the Collective!

Join the DSU Accessibility Collective Peer Support Group

Join to share and discuss your experiences with others who relate, hear from your peers, and support each other!


These are the Guidelines by which we operate:

  1. Inclusiveness: This is a shared space, please remember to be inclusive towards everyone.
  2. Behaviour: Be respectful. No bullying or cyber-bullying will be tolerated.
  3. Confidentiality: Don’t “share” the experiences, concerns, or questions that members of the Accessibility Collective share within this space without the informed consent of the speaker.
  4. Attendance: Please RSVP to posts regarding meetings or events.

10 Principles of Disability Justice –

We strive to follow these 10 Principles of Disability Justice in our Collective:

  • Intersectionality
  • Leadership of the most impacted
  • Anti-capitalism
  • Commitment to cross-movement organizing
  • Recognizing wholeness
  • Sustainability
  • Commitment to cross-disability solidarity
  • Interdependence
  • Collective access
  • Collective liberation
For a more in-depth explanation of these principles, as described by Sins Invalid, please read the PDF here:
10 Principles of Disability Justice


Anne Trebunski


Email accessibility@thedsu.ca to Join the Accessibility Collective!