A way to connect peers to share valuable skills, expertise and wisdom, to learn from one another, empower students to faciliate their own personal and professional growth, Provide networking opportunities and activities to develop leadership skills

The purpose of the DSU PNUR Peer Mentorship Program is:

  • Peer Mentorship: Empowering students to facilitate their own personal and professional growth by providing them with networking opportunities to develop leadership skills.
  • Community of Practice: open to all PNUR semsters. Includes a private Facebook group for students to post questions about course work or clinical and collaborate community interest meetings
  • Self-Care Booth: promote and encourage students to incorporate self-care activities into their daily life as a way of supporting students during stressful situations.
  • Clinical Skills lab (currently suspended until Covid restrictions are lifted): Peer run program designed to assist in clinical skill practice.
  • Student Recognition Program: peer recognition

Website : pnurmentorship.com

Club Executives:

  • Matthew Parker: President
  • Tiffany Yuen: Vice President
  • Jessica Barwig: Executive – Self care Booth

Club Information

Location Coquitlam


Matthew Parker




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