The DSU Philosophy Club aims to initiate free form discussions, create an accessible club to intellectually curious students who went to expand their knowledge outside the classroom, and promote logical reasoning, critical thinking and healthy scepticism.

DSU Philosophy Club aims to make philosophy accessible and practical to curious and open-minded students; previous experience with philosophy is not required. We promote an intellectually open environment for all people wanting to expand their thinking, share their ideas, and make connections with other like-minded students. Discussions will be primarily free form, and members will be able to discuss and coordinate the shape the club takes by voting for and presenting feedback for various topics, formats and ideas. Join the official DSU Philosophy Club discord to be information on updates and events, and to provide feedback and ideas for future sessions.

Club Executives: 

  • Alex Lambert: President
  • Sam Saraj Elahi: President
  • Natalie Berglund: President

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Alex Lambert


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