The DSU Muslim Students’ Association is a club built on the purpose of connecting Muslims on campus. We aim to eliminate stigma surrounding Islam by introducing the concepts and values of the religion to those who are unfamiliar with it. In addition, we also hope to provide a transitional space for international students so they can adjust to life in Canada and within the College, with a community that shares their values.

The purpose of the DSU Muslim Students’ Association is:

  • Religious Support: Offer spiritual growth opportunities through prayers, discussion and resources, fostering a strong sense of community and faith.
  • Cultural Awareness: raise awareness about Islamic culture, history and traditions through events and workshops, promoting cross cultural understanding and tolerance.
  • Community Service: actively engage in local charity work, volunteerism, and fundraising initiatives, embodying Islamic values of compassion and social responsibility.
  • Interfaith Dialogue: Facilitate open, respectful dialogues among students of diverse faiths, encouraging mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.
  • Mental Health support: provide a safe, confidential space for students to discuss challenges, offer counselling resources and host stress relief activities, prioritizing mental and emotional well being.

Club Executives:

  • Emad Bahar: President
  • Mohammed Saajid Daya: Vice President
  • Rooh Leghari: Marketer

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