The DSU Makers club, in the most basic sense, takes raw material and turns it into a finished product.
The goal of the club is to gather students who have a passion for DIY projects and pool our skills to realize projects that would not be doable by our selves.
We have members that Knit, Sew, work with leather, are woodworkers, 3D modelers, costume makers, prop makers and everything in between.
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Club Equipment
1 – Prusa MK2S 3D Printer clone (Dolly)
2 – Prusa MK3S 3D Printer
2 – Afinia H480 3D printers
3 – Raspberry Pi ZeroW starter kit
2 – Raspberry Pi 3B
2 – Arduino Mega
1 – Arduino Sensor Kit
1 – iFixit Electronics Business Repair Kit
1 – Hobby Knife set
1 – Cutting Mat
1 – Wire strippers
1 – Set of Pliers and Angle Cutters
Club Executives:
  • Kyle Maddox
  • Ed Tran
  • Abidali Sarangwala

Club Information

Location New Westminster


Kyle Maddox



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