Purpose: The purpose of the Health Sciences Journal Club is to engage in academic discussion of selected research articles while forming interprofessional collaborative relationships with other Douglas College students interested in the health sciences. 

Description: The Health Sciences Journal club is an opportunity to form a community of practice where students can support each other in reading and discussing scholarly works. There are many advantages to being a part of a journal club including potential improvements in academic and clinical performance, connection with peers, mentorship by faculty, and a feeling of membership and contribution within your program. In addition, the Journal Club offers a unique opportunity for interprofessional communication and building relationships between Douglas College students who are interested in the health sciences.

Goals: The goals of this group include informing and supporting a culture of research and scholarship; promoting interprofessional collaboration between health sciences programs; sharing research resources; and supporting development of critical appraisal skills. 

Activities/Responsibilities: The club is responsible for informing and supporting a culture of research in health sciences at Douglas College. Specifically, members are responsible for reading the monthly journal article and coming prepared with questions, thoughts about the article and considerations for critical appraising of the article.

Members/Composition: The club leadership will be comprised of three student representatives from any of the health sciences programs or other interested students from a complementary program. This includes a club President, Vice-president, and treasurer as per DSU club policy. All other interested students are welcome to join us as members at large. The DSU club policy requires that at least fifteen (15) students sign the membership roster each year. The Journal Club has faculty support from Ruhina Rana, who is the Health Sciences Research Coordinator for Douglas College.

2021-22 Club Executives:

  • Jennifer Tong
  • Allison Audrey Guia
  • Taylor Payne

Term of Membership: Club leadership roles will remain in place so long as the leaders are students and wish to remain in that position. Roles should be passed down with training prior to the students graduating from their program.

The club meets monthly to discuss a new journal article each month.

Club Information

Location Coquitlam


Jennifer Tong


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