The DSU Creative Writing Club is dedicated to creating a space for students to practice creative writing together. We will experiment with a wide variety of genres including songs, scriptwriting, comedy, sci-fi, and short stories. This space is also intended for sharing and workshopping our creative writing. We look forward to connecting with our local writing community by exploring writing-related events in the lower mainland together, such as the Vancouver Writer’s Festival, and Vancouver Slam Poetry Nights.

The purpose of the clubs is to:

  • Hold a space that allows for writers to come together and work on writing prompts that are provided by club members.
  • Share an opportunity for writers to workshop pieces voluntarily submitted by fellow club members.
  • Explore creative writing events that occur throughout the year in the local Vancouver area such as Vancouvers Writer’s Festival or Vancouver Slam Poetry nights.
  • Hold a space that allows for writers of all levels to explore a variety of genres and forms that fall under creative writing (Poetry, songs, scripts, short stories, memoirs, etc).

Club Executives:

  • Nicole Wylie: Club Facilitator
  • Jenny Garcha: Club Facilitator
  • Sophia Srepfler: Club Treasurer

Club Information

Location New Westminster


Nicole Wylie