Welcome to the DSU Comedy Club! Here, you can meet other students that also share your interest in comedy. Get to know your neighbour through standup, improvisation and watching clips of classic comedy movies, specials and sketches. Come to the place, hang out, gang, social group or club to spend your free time at Douglas College or unwind from the day and take it all in. Everyone is welcome to hang out and join our meetings.

The Purpose of the DSU Comedy Club:
To develop social connections through the interest of comedy, To provide a space that encourages participation and public speaking through comedy and improvisation while maintaining respect for those who prefer to be a spectator, to help students develop the confidence and willingness to speak and/or perform in a group setting through stand up comedy and improvisation. To understand and respect topical jokes from different people of different cultures through open mic and watching specials and sketches. To provide a space where comedy is encouraged during difficult times without the need for attacking individuals.

Club Executives:

  • Andrew Sangalang: President
  • Tim Kaysan: Vice President/Social Media Manager
  • Ross Shearer: Treasurer/Gamemaster


Club Information


Andrew Sangalang


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