The purpose of the CSSA is to:

  • Help Chinese students studying at Douglas College to enrich campus life.
  • Provides extra academic and daily support to Chinese students studying at Douglas College.
  • Helps Chinese students studying at Douglas College to expand interpersonal relationships.
  • Holding activities during the period of Chinese traditional festivals. To meet the needs of Chinese students for having a sense of belonging.

This year, the clubs goal is to:

  • Enhance connection between Chinese students in Douglas College.
  • Help students with problems they face (especially during problems caused by COVID-19).

Past events your club has hosted are:

  • Welcome Party for Chinese freshmen, Halloween Party, New Year Party.

Activities the DSU CSSA have planned for this year are:

  • Holding New Year Party in February and Welcome party in each semester.

Club Executives:

  • Kexin Chen
  • Ziqiu Zhang
  • Enze Zhao

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Ziqiu Zhang


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