The DSU Chinese Students and Scholars Association is a non-profit service organization composed of Chinese students and scholars studying at Douglas College. Aims to assist Chinese students and scholars at Douglas College to enrich their campus life, broaden their horizons, foster international relations and provide a variety of social activities and job opportunities. Offers Chinese students and scholars at Douglas College the most up to date official information and news available from China. Provides a sense of belonging even while they are away from home, family and friends. Focuses on a better living and learning experience.

The purpose of the CSSA is to:

  • Help Chinese students studying at Douglas College to enrich campus life.
  • Provides extra academic and daily support to Chinese students studying at Douglas College.
  • Helps Chinese students studying at Douglas College to expand interpersonal relationships.
  • Holding activities during the period of Chinese traditional festivals. To meet the needs of Chinese students for having a sense of belonging.

This year, the clubs goal is to:

  • Enhance connection between Chinese students in Douglas College.
  • Help students with problems they face (especially during problems caused by COVID-19).

Past events your club has hosted are:

  • Welcome Party for Chinese freshmen, Halloween Party, New Year Party.

Activities the DSU CSSA have planned for this year are:

  • Holding New Year Party in February and Welcome party in each semester.

Club Executives:

  • Ziqiu Zhang (Gloria): President
  • Dayong Zhang
  • Cindy Huang

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Club Information

Location New Westminster


Ziqiu Zhang (Gloria)


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