The DSU BSN Peer Mentorship Program (PMP) hopes to:

  • Provide support and mentorship for BSN students of all semesters
  • Provide a space where BSN students can talk and vent about the program and its stressors
  • Facilitate a way to share expertise and information among BSN students
  • Designed to develop student leaders and provide learning strategies through peer-to-peer learning and support environment
  • Provide BSN students with the opportunity to network and collaborate with other students
  • Foster social support networks through community

Club Goals for the year:

  • To recruit more members from other semesters to be involved, to help support students throughout the program, give advise and recommendations, and provide guidance.

Events we have planned for the year:

  • Weekly meetings with different topics BSN students choose
  • Welcome Table
  • After School Special
  • Wrap-up Party

The DSU BSN Peer Mentorship Program is run by the following executives:

  • Marisa Kettley
  • Sienna Hammell
  • Jordan Lusk-Dobranski
  • Sophia Piccolo



Douglas Students' Union (DSU)

Club Information

Location Coquitlam


Marisa Kettley


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