Your Voice Matters

Every year, Douglas College prepares an annual budget for the following year, which accounts for all of their expected spending and outlines priorities. As the official voice representing Douglas students, Douglas Students’ Union prepares a submission and presentation based upon student feedback to the Senior Management team in order to make sure that student’s voices are heard, valued, and considered during the decision making process. This includes collecting data from student’s on what their priorities are and where they feel as though there should be more focus within the budget.

Some of the student priorities that were included in the last budget are:

  • Food services
  • Open Education Resources
  • Services for International Students
  • Conscious contracting which reflects the College’s values


  • Expand opportunities for student engagement through implementing a series of consultations throughout the fall and winter semester
  • Lobby and advocate for improvements to services and policies to positively impact students
  • Ensure that the Douglas College Budget is created with students’ needs as priorities

Progress 10%

Add Your Voice!

Look for upcoming opportunities to participate in consultations on the priorities for the next Douglas College Budget!