Art Installation: lifecycle of the International Student.  

We’re looking for Artists: Collaboration opportunity with the DSU.  

The DSU is looking for international students who are passionate about art and photography and want to share it with the community, as part of our Fairness for International Students Campaign. We will be displaying digital art or photography to showcase and express the lives of international students. The chosen pieces will be installed in the DSU building in an exhibition this spring. This callout is open to all international students that wish to submit recent work that represent the lifecycle of an international student living and studying in Canada.  

Why Enter?
International Students have looked to Canada to receive one of the world’s top educations from Canadian post-secondary institutions. Canada has been ranked in the top three of most popular destinations for international students to study. Unfortunately, the institutions and governments are recruiting more international students to fill the gaps within their budgets with inflated and unequal tuition costs. As a result, students have come to Canada to study on false promises, and rising costs. International students have felt like, cash cows, feeling isolated, with little support of transitioning to life into Canada. The DSU wants to showcase and highlight the experiences of Douglas College’s international student community. Through art we can express the highs and lows of personal experience and connect with individuals who have gone through similar experiences. By submitting a piece of artwork expressing your story as an international student you will help students feel empowered to address the financial inequalities international students face.  

Eligibility of Artwork:  

  • Artwork can be submitted in these media forms: digital paintings, drawings and photography.  
  • Work must be submitted in high resolution PDF, high-resolution JPEG or high-resolution PNG.  
  • Artwork must be made independently and original to the student submitting.  
  • Artwork must be appropriate.  

Submission Requirements:  

  • Must be a Douglas College International Student (or ally).  
  • Must submit name, student number, email address, type of art you wish to submit by June 24th at 4pm. 
  • All artwork must be submitted by email to 
  • Artwork must be submitted with the student’s name, and a brief description of the artwork created. 

Deadline Dates:  

  • Emailed intention to participate in exhibit: Deadline Friday June 24th @ 4pm. 

Questions? Email