The club aims to provide a platform for students from all undergraduate levels to play and enjoy Quizbowl, Jeopardy, and a variety of other trivia and online games (Minecraft, Among us, Brawl stars). Most activities (trivia and gaming) will take place online, allowing members to play together or against one another, making it convenient to participate, and placing us at low risk for exposure to Covid. Our focus is to bring together the members and create a relaxing environment where students can socialize with one another. We are aiming to meet at least once a week from 7-8 pm. We also intend to hold tournaments in the future and event nights to provide our members with the best experience possible!

Club Executives:

  • Syed Hashimi
  • Ghafoor Hashimi
  • Manraj Grewal
  • Lisa Roughley

Club Information


Syed Hashimi


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