The DSU PNUR Winter 2023 Grad Association is a student-led and student-run academic club that aims to create opportunities for this specific cohort of PNUR Students. The purpose of the DSU PNUR Winter 2023 grad association is to promote social, academic, and other supports through various events/activities that prioritize student mental health and holistic wellness within the cohort to encourage individual and community practices of self-care.

The purpose of the BSNUR Grad Association Winter 2023 is to provide support through social and academic engagement to the students in this specified grad class. We enable students to come together as a cohort to participate in socially inclusive activities, Provide resources throughout the semester to aid students in staying up to date with their yearly requirements, Provide support to maximize each students school experience from social to academic support,

Club Executive:

  • Ashley Aguasin
  • Sanya Khajotia
  • Antonia Katountas
  • Aman Kandola
  • Kavin Trinh


Club Information

Location Coquitlam


Ashley Aguasin