The DSU Debate Club (DDC) is working towards creating an inclusive community for students at Douglas College to be part of. At the DDC, our goal is to promote educational growth and help students develop critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills through debates and workshops. Participating inĀ debatesĀ gives students an improved perspective on the world around them.

Our debates are casual, semi-formal and formal in nature. Members can share their opinion and make new connections with peers by being part of the activities we conduct.

We encourage students to join our growing community to learn, build analytical skills and meet new people that will help them in their professional lives and in the long run. We hope to provide a fun and rewarding experience to our members.

Our purpose is to create a space where students get together connect with each other & work with their peers, to help students develop & grow their critical thinking & communication skills, to create a safe space for students to debate various topics, to create a community like atmosphere where students feel apart of something, to allow students to challenge themselves & participate in college level debating

Club Executive:

  • Afat Aimaq
  • Vitally Vekslyer
  • Aditi, Tanmeet

Instagram: @dsudebateclub

Club Information


Afat Aimaq


IG - @dsudebateclub


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