The Douglas Students' Union is run for students by students, and holds elections for students to be on the Board of Directors each Winter semester. Terms for elected members of the Board of Directors run from May 1 - April 30 (of the following year). For more information about student elections, please email

Every winter semester, the DSU holds elections for students to run to be a student representative on the DSU Board of Directors. If you’re interested in learning more please email and check out our videos here for some info and details about being a student representative, from some former board members.

We are also hosting a referendum this year. The DSU Referendum will follow the same dates and timelines as the DSU Student Elections.

Questions about the election and/or the referendum or how to become a designated campaign, either in favour or against the referendum, can be directed to



  • Election & Referendum Timeline
  • DSU Bylaws and Policies
  • Candidate Information & Platforms
  • Election Forum - Candidate Videos

Notice Period – Wednesday January 18 – Monday January 30

Nomination Period – Monday January 30 @ 9:30am – Friday February 3 @ 12pm

All Candidates Meeting – Friday February 3 @ 4pm (on Zoom)

Campaign Period – Monday February 6 @ 9am – Friday February 17 @ 12pm

Candidate Platforms due – Monday February 6 @ 12pm

Candidate Videos/Forum due – Wednesday February 8 @ 12pm
(videos posted here Thursday February 9)

Polling/Voting – Monday February 13 – Friday February 17 @ 12pm

Questions? Please email 

Stay tuned for candidate names, information, bios and platforms coming soon! 
Stay tuned for candidate names and platforms coming soon! 

Candidates will be given the opportunity to submit a video, up to 3 minutes in length, to answer questions for the Election Forum.

You can watch each candidate video through our Youtube channel and the link here.

  • Referendum Question

The building fee has not increased beyond CPI since 1999 and is currently $1.82 per semester. Building and capital fees at SFU are $99 per semester and other Students’ Unions in BC range from $14.72 to $76 per semester for students enrolled in full-time studies. The building was renovated between 2018 and 2021 and repairs, maintenance, and amortization costs have increased beyond CPI. Future capital projects are planned to upgrade the exterior and roof of the building and to create larger student spaces on the Coquitlam campus.

Students voted in a referendum in 2003 to implement the Health and Dental Plan at a rate of $260 per year that has not increased since, and was reduced in 2018 to $250 without a reduction in service levels. While the majority of Health and Dental plans at post-secondary institutions in BC are $275 or more, the DSU seeks annually to maintain and increase service levels of the plan to meet the needs of members while costs of the plan have increased nearly 15% over the past 3 years.

The current definition of full-time for the health and dental plan automatic enrolment is 9 credits and students registered with the accessibility department are considered full-time at 6 credits. By decreasing the minimum credit limit for automatic enrollment, it would increase accessibility to more members, while members enrolled in external plans may opt out with comparable coverage or chose to combine coverage.

Are you in favour of the following:

The Building Fee being increased by $2.00 per semester (equal to $0.50 per month) as of September 1, 2023, and allow for annual increases of $2.00 for the following two years?

The Health and Dental Fee being increased by $15 per year (equal to $1.25 per month) to be a total of $265 per year as of September 1, 2023?

The Health and Dental plan automatic enrolment being decreased from 9 credits to 6 credits as of September 1, 2023?