Proportional representation is a new way of votng – one that’s fair & Works for you

For over 70 years, our voting system has worked for insiders and those who know how to use the system the best: those who have been in power the most. It isn’t fair that a government that gets 40% of the votes should get 100% of the power. The way to make voting more fair for everyone in BC is to give people a new way to vote – and that’s pro rep.

This November, We Have An Opportunity to Change Our Electoral System

In the referendum this fall, we get to choose if we want to replace the status quo with proportional representation. Referendum packages will be sent to your home, please make sure that you are on the Elections BC Voters’ List and your information is up to date!

With pro rep, a party that gets 30% of the votes gets 30% of the seats in the Legislature. What BC votes for is what you get. It’s that simple.


  • Increase awareness on electoral reform
  • Encourage registration and voting in the referendum

Sign The Pledge

Are you in? This referendum is a rare chance to bring a better kind of politics to BC.

With proportional representation, politicians must work together—making steady progress on the issues we care most about.

We need a more democratic and fair way of voting that ensures every voter counts. It’s time for PR.

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