International Students need predictable tuition fees.

Students choose to come to Douglas College, just as they do to institutions all over Canada, to get a quality education. With no restrictions on their fees they’re becoming a resource to fill the budget gaps in our British Columbia post-secondary system – tuition up to 5 times more than domestic students. Our Fairness for International Students campaign lobbies the provincial government to provide stability for international students as well as the future of the BC post-secondary system.

International students at the September 2017 International Students’ Welcome Event.


  • Creation of provincial regulation of tuition fees for international students, including a freeze or cap on increases
  • Regulation or standardization of tuition fees at Douglas College
  • Increase awareness of the unique challenges facing international students, including predatory tuition fee models, insufficient student services and racsim on- and off-campus


International students look to Canada for an opportunity to access one of the top ranked countries for higher education in the world. Unfortunately, Canada’s excellent reputation is being used by governments and institutions to recruit more and more international students to fill the gaps in funding with inflated and predatory tuition fees.


In BC, as in most of Canada, international tuition fees are unregulated and can increase at any time, with no notice. Domestic student tuition fee increases are capped at 2% annually under the BC government’s Tuition Fee Limit Policy. Meanwhile, tuition fees for international students in BC have increased by 64% since 2006.

Due to government underfunding, institutions have come to depend on the revenue they receive from increasing fees for international students. However, unpredictable fees make budgeting impossible, meaning some international students are forced to leave Canada before completing their studies.


We are calling on the BC government to amend the Tuition Fee Limit Policy to include the regulation of fees for international students. This would create fairness, consistency, and predictability for international student tuition fees.


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Tell the provincial government to cap international tuition fees!